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Profitability Optimization

Roebuck's 360° Profits program delivers industry-specific best practice processes and systems that maximize clients’ revenue, productivity and earnings.

Our 360° Profits Phase I Analysis is a business health check that involves a comprehensive review of financial performance, operating metrics, sales and marketing acumen, and market and competitive dynamics – from which we identify quantifiable opportunities for earnings improvement.

During Phases II and III, we assist company management in the seamless implementation of best practice processes and systems, customized for each client. Our professionals provide field-level and management coaching, mentoring and leadership development to achieve sustainable business success.

Roebuck's High Performance Leadership program helps organizations recruit, hire and retain superior team members. A disciplined process of setting measurable expectations and accounting for results enables organizations to sustain long-term success. The program focuses every individual's energy on the areas of greatest organizational impact, emphasizing continuous improvement across all functional lines.

Roebuck helps companies generate accurate and timely financial statements, budget and forecasting models, and operating reports. In most instances, Roebuck is able to seamlessly integrate back office best practices across all administrative areas to generate financial statements by the third working day of each month, allowing leaders to make proactive business decisions. Roebuck also coaches and mentors management in using key financial and operating metrics, thereby improving business acumen and maximizing the company's earnings potential.

Roebuck provides established industry best practices as a baseline for the organization to customize processes and systems for the most critical operational issues. The use of clear, simple metrics enables management to quickly understand how to integrate efficiency and productivity initiatives, including standardizing repetitive operational tasks. Roebuck assists in the implementation of customized daily Key Performance Indicators that drive operational excellence.

Roebuck's 360° SalesVision allows companies to consistently segment and measure customers, markets and projects as well as evaluate sales professional productivity. The dynamic sales tool also includes a project profitability model to maximize revenue and earnings potential. Additionally, Roebuck provides coaching and mentoring of sales personnel to optimize strategic and tactical customer relationships.

Roebuck works with key management and customer service personnel to optimize the use of dispatch processes and systems. Use of Key Performance Indicators for balancing the quality of the customer experience with the company's efficiency and productivity helps lead the organization to achieve World Class Customer Service.

Technical Services drives the quality of the customer experience and plays a critical role in the reputation of the organization. Roebuck leads a disciplined quality initiative to minimize the variables in component materials and production while capitalizing on mix optimization. With efficient, quality practices in place, Roebuck works with organizations to successfully develop and implement a brand imperative for differentiated advantage in the marketplace.

The rapid pace of change in the world of Information Technology creates countless opportunities to mine and analyze data as well as enhance communication effectiveness. Roebuck helps companies select information technology that enhances real world application and maximizes return on investment.

Roebuck provides assistance in all aspects of aggregates, cement and concrete products permitting processes. With its expertise in concrete products operations, Roebuck also assists clients with regulatory compliance initiatives including EPA regulations, discharge permits and stormwater management.

Areas of Focus:

  • Leadership
  • Safety
  • Finance and Administration
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Information Technology
  • Technical Services

What our clients are saying...

"Our market had rebounded and we were busy, but our profits were not as robust as I thought they could be. Roebuck introduced new technologies, provided business processes tailored to our needs, and coached us to focus on the right priorities and metrics. Our profits have significantly improved – and most importantly, we now have a team that is focused, fully committed to the procedures we have implemented, and is moving forward with a shared vision and goals."

Constance M. Cincotta
Owner and President
Glenwood Mason Supply Company, Inc.