Leadership Development

We boost business productivity by helping you recruit and hire the right people, develop and retain top talent, and inspire teams at all levels to achieve optimal business results.

Combining industry expertise with tools such as The Predictive Index, we work with you to align people with business strategy and performance. We diagnose organizational needs and collaboratively design position descriptions that tie to tactical objectives, select team members who are hard-wired for success, reduce turnover, and inspire peak productivity. Our programs are effective for all team members, from C-suite executives to delivery professionals.


Company Culture
For clients that need assistance creating or improving company culture, we help identify cultural elements that align with business objectives, then teach leaders to adopt, cultivate and maintain a culture that propels organizational success. Our team of tenured professionals provides ongoing coaching and mentoring to ensure cultural change and improved team member effectiveness become permanently ingrained within the business.

Succession Planning
Few events carry greater risk to shareholder value than a change of leadership, but many companies have not prepared adequately for a transition. We help organizations clarify, define, and implement effective succession strategies. We work with identified talent to enhance their natural skills, improve emotional intelligence, and develop critical decision-making acumen. The result is stronger leaders and increased business potential.

“Market by market, Roebuck surveyed our customers to understand their perceptions of our company, our competitors, and proprietary initiatives we were considering. The results were powerful!”

  • Don Ingrassano
  • Vice President of Sales
  • Roanoke Cement Company