Positioning Your Company for Sale

Positioning Your Company for Sale


When selling your business, it is important to begin properly positioning the company well in advance of approaching potential buyers. Having a go-to-market strategy and following a disciplined sales process will maximize the company’s attractiveness and value. Engaging the services of a firm with business advisory expertise can provide valuable insight into what to expect and identify the most impactful ways to maximize your business’ value proposition and sale price. Consider these key factors to best position your company for sale:

Business Records

Ensure your financial and business records are prepared and maintained accurately, completely, and in a timely manner. Financial statements that reflect a track record of solid and consistent earnings are the single most important driver of business value. A chaotic and muddled back office makes prospective buyers nervous, hinders an effective due diligence process, and can result in difficult contract negotiations.

Brand Appeal

Companies with good reputations and a positive image are more attractive to potential buyers. Make sure your business and brand are appealing through good housekeeping, well maintained assets and presentable employees. Having tidy yards, well-maintained rolling stock, and clean plants can significantly impact company value. Additionally, the attitudes and appearance of sales professionals, customer service representatives, and drivers all impact the reputation of the company.

Digital Presence

Your company’s website and other social media outlets should appear professional, comprehensive and current with details of locations, product offerings, key personnel and any mission statements or core values that describe your company’s underlying culture. Savvy companies tout their projects, community involvement, safe working environment, and commitment to employees on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Advisory Assistance

Assemble a team of experienced professionals with a proven record of success. In addition to an advisor who will represent you in the sale process, you will also need finance, tax and legal expertise. The Roebuck Group possesses industry experience and relationships to help maximize value and minimize risk when selling your company.


Seek a valuation of your business. Industry specific business advisory can identify the key value drivers that will attract potential buyers and maximize the sale price. Roebuck brings extensive industry knowledge that provides insight into determining the true value of your business.

When considering a company sale, employ a go-to-market strategy and follow a disciplined sales process to optimize your business’ appeal. Advice from a professional with merger and acquisition experience can significantly increase your market value. Contact the experts at The Roebuck Group today for advisory services that are personally tailored to your business.

Stephen Roebuck

Stephen Roebuck

President and Founder

Stephen is President and Founder of The Roebuck Group. He possesses more than 25 years of construction materials industry experience at all levels of management. He has worked with scores of privately held companies throughout the concrete products and construction industries with regard to business valuation, merger and acquisition and profitability improvement initiatives, as well as the majority of vertically integrated aggregate and cement companies operating in North America today in the areas of business intelligence, strategic and corporate planning, and continuing education.